• Donna Hoyack by a pond

Unveiled and Transforming, Intentionally

I’ve found myself at an interesting and exciting place on life’s journey with Natural Reflections being the result of years of searching for what I want to be when I grow up.

I have a business degree from UTSA and I have worked as a cost analyst, a business consultant and more recently in operations and development for nonprofits.  I’ve had numerous home businesses; some successful, some not.  I’ve taught classes at work, church, Bible camps, and retreats.  I’m passionate about travel and experiencing beautiful places with friends and family.  I’m a DIYer, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife and a fierce mom.  

I’ve been married to my husband Gary since 1984 and we both agree it’s been the best 18 years of our lives.  (Come on, do the math.)  I was 19, he was 21 and we essentially grew up together.  If you did the math, it hasn’t been all roses.  I’ve lived in San Antonio, Texas most of my life, we’ve raised two daughters that have left the nest and live in town.

 A Multi-Talented Person


If I were to describe myself, I’d tell you I’m smart, creative, positive, entrepreneurial, a planner, a teacher, a traveler, a reader, writer, and encourager. I’m very easily distracted, self-diagnosed ADD!  I don’t suffer from depression–I live with it–and I’ve had lots of therapy, both formal and informal. I struggle with my weight, worth (thankfully not so much anymore,) and other things, but most importantly I’m a Christ follower, who has always known Jesus.  Born and raised in the church of Christ, I’ve been privileged to worship and work with many other Christians from other denominations and backgrounds.   I have been sifted, lifted, burned, refined, called out, shut down and humbled quite a bit.  Through it all God has been faithful, patient, gentle and kind not just to me, but to mine and I really do look forward to seeing what He’s up too with this venture!

Natural Reflections is where I live out my purpose by being open, honest and vulnerable (unveiled so to speak) in order to encourage your faith, growth and deep dependence on God.  It’s through sharing stories of triumphs and tragedies ~ with and without God in the driver’s seat ~ that helps each of us know we are not alone with our messy lives.  I pray that my story will provide you with the courage to embrace the mess you’ve been given and with each step become more like Jesus ~ transforming with ever-increasing glory.   I’ll provide thoughts and practical ideas to help you find the unique purpose for which you were created, that encourage you, inspire reflection, deepen compassion and faith, promote personal growth and world peace. ;o) This blog is about transition and life and learning because I firmly believe-

When we know better, we do better.


unveiled and transforming, intentionally