Project Description

Driftwood from Seattle WA., Sandstone from Utah.  Sodalite, red travertine, gypsum rose, canvasite, leopard agate, cerussite and barite, black tourmaline, aragonite star, azurite and malachite, garnet in schist, ammonite, pebbles, tiger eye, rainforest rhyolite, peridot, apophylite, chocolate rhyolite, glass, verdi alpi stone, jasper, mica,copper, pyrite, and rainbow pyrite.

     2017    8 x 10    $249    

Isaiah 43:18-19, says “Forget the former things;  do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

My parents did a road trip through Utah and spent time at Zion National Park.  This park is known for its beautiful canyons with 2,000-foot cliffs that were formed by the deserts sand dunes.   Knowing my penchant for rocks, my parents brought me a bag of sandstone! And the driftwood was picked up by another friend on a beach in Seattle, WA.  This was the beginning of  “A New Thing.”  

During a recent 10 plus year wilderness experience, I spent some time in Isaiah and  I remembered the verse about God making “streams in the desert (or wasteland)”  These were verses of hope, especially the forgetting about the past and trusting that God was going to bring refreshment.  What could be more refreshing than a cool stream when you have been dusty, drained and dehydrated from stumbling around in a desert for a while?  The sandstone is very porous.  On top of it in the bottom left corner is a barite rose also formed in deserts.  At the top of the sandstone is a cerussite and barite specimen which creates the transition from black (indicating sin) pebbles, travertine, and slate to “wilderness” of sandstone. At the bottom, you will find petrified wood, ammonite, a shell fossil and red travertine.  I also made copper coils and corroded them in order to get them to rust and provide a green patina.

All things new!

The stream beginning at the top is blue glass which runs into blue sodalite.  At the very top of the stream, is a gray rock with a blue star-shaped mineral.  This is a canvasite specimen – so cool!  To its right is a shiny chunk of mica.  But back to the sodalite stream… Above it where it ends on the right is a specimen of azurite and malachite.   The greens represent newness of life.  The small green rondells are jasper and next to them is a row of larger rainforest rhyolite and tiny peridot chips. Orange cerussite on barite, flowers amidst the green verdi alpi stone and apophyllite which is crowned by pyrite.

Adjacent to the rainforest rhyolite is a rust-colored roundish aragonite star.  To its left is a spotted leopard agate and rectangular chocolate rhyolite.  Tiger eye trails down toward the stream into a gray piece of schist with a ruby colored garnet protruding out.  This represents the blood of Christ which was shed making redemption possible.

In the center, a coil of copper rises up and holds a specimen of rainbow pyrite.  The promises of God never fail!