Project Description

Cyprus wood from Guadalupe river.  Pyrite sun, smokey Herkimer quartz crystal, kambala jasper, malachite, chrysocolla, amethyst, red coral, chocolate rhyolite, dioptase, sea urchin fossil, green amethyst stalactite, agate geode, rainforest rhyolite, celestite, kyanite, apophylite, turquoise, calcite, labradorite, pebbles, and glass.

     2017    12 x 12    $425    

 I Peter 2:9, says “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God,that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness and into his glorious light.”

I found this nicely arched piece of cypress by a creek that feeds the Guadalupe River. That was the beginning of this piece, “Called.”

The pictures are at different angles to show the depth and variation of the wood, stones, and minerals. The large topaz colored stone on the bottom is a Herkimer quartz crystal that is mostly clear but with many fractures inside causing internal rainbows to flash in certain light (cool right?!?). This represents us in our darkness, surrounded by black slate and pebbles before we were called out from the grave. 

Three circular shapes represent the Trinity. The rectangular mineral at left center is actually a green amethyst with a sparkling surface and polished stalactite with a white circular center. To the right of it, pebbles swirl out from the Herkimer quartz, surrounding black pebbles, red coral and an agate, quartz geode that protrudes from the center. The red coral representing the cleansing blood of Jesus. The last circle is evident – the gold pyrite sun, the glorious light, from which flows the living water made from the blues of glass smalti, chrysocolla, turquoise, and apophyllite.

At the very top surrounded by the greens of new life – malachite, dioptase, rainforest rhyolite and glass – a wooden cross sits sporting a sterling silver crown. Above the greens is real purple amethyst reminding us of the royalty of Jesus and the calling for those who have received him as their Savior and the waiting mercy for whose haven’t yet.