Project Description

Choosing Joy  2017     16 x 20     $995

Mangrove wood and pink barnacles from Texas coast.  Fossils, ammonite, sea urchins and shells.  Rose travertine and quartz, sterling silver, tourmaline in quartz, purplelite, chalcopyrite, stilbite, orange quartzite, amethyst cactus, crystal quartz points, shells, rhodochrysite, pearls, hematite, jasper, geodes, amethyst, labradorite, glass, pebbles, copper, sandstone and slate.

I had a dream years ago that was so vivid, I knew it was an allegorical premonition of what was to come and it wasn’t good.  Growing up, I dreamed of a beautiful future with a husband and children.  Once our girls were born, I assumed they would grow up, go to college, have husbands and children and a beautiful future of their own.  Especially, if they were raised right, knowing Jesus, serving others and participating in church and youth group.  So what do you do when dreams don’t turn out as expected?

Because we live in a fallen world, Satan will try to derail anyone who claims Jesus as their Savior.  He even tried to derail Jesus when he was vulnerable after fasting for 30 days.  Choosing Joy shows the different directions dreams can take, the darkness that swirls around, choking and suffocating goodness and the redemption found only through the cross and sacrifice of Jesus.

Greater is He that is in you, than He that is in the world.  God allows the sifting. God provides the protection, healing, and redemption for those that are His.  It was during the dark and challenging times that I learned that I can Choose Joy, regardless of the circumstances.