My Artist’s Statement

Since childhood, I’ve been drawn to rocks.  I’ve collected them, painted them, stacked them and used them as markers of time and place for important events.  It’s in nature where I find my greatest peace and inspiration.  As a Christ follower, this connection has become my springboard for growing deeper in my faith and relationship with God and others.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”  Psalm 19:1

My work is inspired by the creativity of God in his use of colors and textures displayed in nature; the multiple shades of green in springtime, brilliant oranges, pinks and purples of sunrises and sunsets and blues, greens and aquas in bodies of water.   I’m awed and amazed by the power of water that cuts through mountains forming a gorge and tumbles stones round and smooth.  And the vivid colors, formations and perfect geometric structures found in rocks, gems, and minerals mined from deep within the earth; they come in every color of the rainbow, showcasing what humans have long imitated throughout history.

Putting natural stone, glass smalti, gems and mineral specimens with metals, fossils and interesting pieces of wood I’ve collected, allows the rocks to speak on their own and display God’s creativity.  Each piece of art is an expression of faith, hope and the promises of God found only through Jesus Christ.  I want my work to be beautiful reminders of all that Christ has done for us; how much we are adored and how faithful he is to his children.  By bringing God’s natural handiwork into your home, you will also have a great talking piece to help you share this story.

Each piece of art I create is founded on scripture.  Some of my pieces are abstract ideas based on a verse from the Bible or drawn from my personal journey.  Others tell a story in a more figurative sense and colors are used to portray concepts.  For instance, in my Cross series, blues in a river form represent living water; black and gray represent sin, darkness and separation and greens declare newness and life.  Purple is the color of royalty; as in a royal priesthood and being chosen and adopted by God.  Red is the cleansing blood of Christ.  Petrified wood, fossils, and ammonite that were once alive are used throughout my pieces to represent sin and death, and the scars that remain even after cleansing by the blood of Christ.

On most pieces, you will find a stone or other natural element shaped like a heart which is a simple reminder of the love of God for us.  Heart-shaped rocks are always fun to find and surprisingly abundant if you are looking for them!

Natural Reflections is my new venture in writing and expression through art. Elements found in nature are used to create mixed media mosaic artwork and celebrate the colors and textures of creation.  These mosaic stories are not just my story, but everyone’s story that chooses to follow a magnificent creator.   God is who I want to reflect and I hope you see that reflected in my art.  May the work of my hands bring glory to God.

Custom Commissions

Do you have a favorite verse or idea that God has used to shape your life or give you hope?  I would love to create a meaningful piece of art for you or a loved one.   Custom orders require a minimum of 6 weeks to complete and start at $300 for an 8 X 8.  Email me at